Our Approach to Brand Development

We develop brand promises through an iterative process, reflecting both the vision of the company and the values of the customers.  Once established, the core promise guides behaviour and communications.  It is through the diligent application of the core promise that brands are nurtured.  Delivering on it will create credibility and loyalty.

Equally important are core values – the guiding standards of behaviour. Core values will tell you and your buyers how your company translates the brand promise into strategies and tactics.  It gives you the ‘why’ behind the strategies you develop.

Goldfarb Intelligence Marketing uses a tool called the brand bulls-eye.  The inner ring articulates the brand promise, the middle ring identifies the brand values and the outer ring suggests strategies and tactics to achieve the first two.  We use qualitative research techniques to help our customers develop or evolve their brand promise.  Our techniques also create the associated values and relevant strategies and tactics.  To build a brand bulls-eye for our clients, we work closely with them so that we have an understanding of where they have been and where they want to go.

In order to complete branding research, we employ a variety of research tools.  The choice of tools is dependent on client needs.  We employ a proprietary methodology that enables a thorough understanding of culture, which is key to brand development.